For more than 30 years, Tadin has offered reliable, safe, affordable and great tasting herbal products.  Modern science and specific industry standards inform how we do many aspects of our business. We also synthesize our modern treatment of herbs with traditions of herbal practice forged through time from around the world.

We source our herbs from around the globe using the finest quality assurance standards such as the following:
Good Manufacturing Practices, (cGMP), Kosher practices, Fair Trade Practices, Organically grown, non-GMO, & conventionally grown herbs. For quality assurance and standards of purity, we utilize many forms of scientific evaluation of our herbs, as well as additionally adhering to specific manufacturing practices of our herbal products such as those outlined by our industry’s “Good Manufacturing Practices”

Why we test our herbs?

It is mandatory  that we test our herbs for botanical identity, purity and safety. For over 30 years, we have relied upon committed long-term relationships with many trusted farmers from around the globe to acquire the finest quality herbs for our teas.  To ensure that every cup delivers quality, purity and efficacy, we must test the herbs to meet with a specific scientific evaluation of the herb. Our quality control team is highly trained to maintain herbal safety standards to ensure that every cup you enjoy from the Tadin family is safe and reliable.

We are proud members of the following Herbal Authorities in the USA which are our standard bearers of scientific, regulatory and traditional herbal knowledge: American Herbal Products Association and American Botanical Council.

We carefully craft your herbal teas. Every single box of tea matters to us! Our teas are formulated using modern science merged with the traditional herbal knowledge of how herbs support health and wellness and taste delicious.  We rely upon traditional herbal knowledge to help guide how we put our herbal teas together.  Traditional herbal knowledge is a part of every culture on the planet. These guiding traditions were formed through thousands of years of practice with many herbs that we know and love today.

Tadin invests in traditional practices and uses of herbs through research using modern science to validate the safety and efficacy of our formulations.  We research how herbs can work best together using both modern science and traditional knowledge. Our herbal team and quality control experts invest time and energy researching and developing formulas to taste great and work safely, cup after cup. Using herbs to support health and well-being is time tested for safety and efficacy.  We hope you feel our commitment to your health and wellness with ever sip!

The packaging for our Organic LA tea line is environmentally sustainable in several ways:

  • Our tea bag and tea tag are totally compostable. There is no staple in the tea tag.
  • The tea box is made from FSC paper. We encourage and support FSC and its mission to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.  Learn more at  Our packaging is recyclable.
  • The over-wrap that surrounds each tea bag is made from unbleached paper.
  • The tea bag is manufactured using totally Chlorine Free (TCF) methods and the packing for the Lifestyle Awareness line is printed with soy ink.



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