Pu-erh Slim Chai ®


Supports Weight Balance*

Pu-erh Slim Ease Chai is formulated to promote healthy digestion and metabolism. Pu-erh is a specialized form of fermented black tea which has been used for thousands of years [to promote digestive balance]-repetitive to first sentence. The flavors of refreshing Rooibos and fragrant Cardamom uplift your senses any time of day. This tea offers a lively balance of flavors to encourage healthy eating, digestive ease and the maintenance of optimal weight levels. *

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.6875 × 3.125 in


Weight Balance Tips: Support the maintenance of optimum weight levels by creating time and space for preparing and eating home cooked meals. Avoid excess stimulation while eating such as watching television or driving. Let preparing your meals become an act of artistic expression by creating a beautiful palette of colors and flavors on your plate.  When our palates are satiated with tastes of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent (spicy,) and astringent, we become (are) fully satisfied and tend to not over-eat.

Consider avoiding iced or cold beverages as extreme temperatures dampen digestive “fire” and hinder your metabolism. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the aromas of your food and beverages before enjoying them; this act of mindfulness entices digestive juices into metabolic action. To avoid overeating at meals, eat only as much as YOUR two hands cupped together will hold.  Throughout the day, alternate drinking Pu-erh Slim Ease Chai™  with our Liver Detox Power™  formula to encourage your metabolism.*

To achieve & maintain weight levels, also consider other forms of “empty calories” and information taken in from overstimulating amounts of television watching, cell phone use, and social media exposure.  Reduction of excess sensory stimulation (especially within two hours before bedtime) elevates mental clarity, supports stress management and thus ensures better food choices. *

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