Organic Green Tea


Promotes Healthy Vitality*

Organic Green Tea is formulated by mother nature to be naturally good for you! Worldwide, tea is the second most commonly consumed beverage after water. The time-honored health benefits of Green Tea empower us with greater vitality, clarity of mind and a healthier life.*   Enjoy the crisp clear flavor, toast to your health and share this powerful traditional tea with friends. 

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Time-honored Organic Green Tea Tips:

Green Tea can taste very different depending on brewing methods. Try brewing Green Tea with one tea bag, or two; try brewing with boiling water, but only leave a tea bag in for 30 seconds— or maybe brew with cooler water for a longer period of time. [this sentence is a little hard to understand] Use a glass teapot for brewing, or metal or ceramic, but do use not plastic, as some plastics add a chemical flavor to your tea. (Use a glass, metal, or ceramic teapot, but do not use…….) Seek out fresh spring water for you to brew, rather than water that comes out of the tap. Try out these different brewing techniques with friends and discuss the aromas and flavors you experience; the true nature of tea enjoyment is meant to be shared with friends.

Tips To Optimize Focus Herbs have been used for thousands of years to focus the mind and bring clarity to thoughts and feelings. Drinking stimulating beverages such as Yerba Mate or Green Tea invigorates conversations and provides helpful insight. To drink Green Tea with friends and share the intention of making lively conversation is a valuable time-honored tradition.

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