Stress Balance ®


Supports Healthy Stress Response*

Stress Balance tea™ is a favorite companion tea to start or end your day.  Holy Basil leaf is a potent adaptogen which may fortify and balance your mind and body to give you more resilience through life’s ups and downs.  The subtle spicy and uplifting aromas of Rose flower and Cardamom enliven your mind and create a spacious awareness.*

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Tips to Stress Less:

Life is a journey, not a destination. You can access a wealth of wisdom from your cells, body and mind that is ready to help you unwind and recall your inner serenity. Turn off the phone, unplug from devices and media, take a nap, cuddle with your pets or a favorite human. Laugh regularly! Try to get plenty of sleep. Spend quality time in nature & with friends. Take deep breaths and stretch breaks throughout the day.  Try 15 minute Power Naps (we know— easier said than done). Find your smile. Focus on something beautiful regularly. Most of these suggestions are not new, but they invite you to cultivate a better relationship to stress and thus, life.*

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