Respiratory Balance ®


Supports Healthy Breathing*

Respiratory Balance ™ is formulated to promote healthy breathing all year long. Holy Basil leaf is traditionally used to increase clarity of breath, regulate immunity and boost strength and stamina. Soothing Licorice root and Mullein leaf combine with spicy Cinnamon bark for a deep and distinct flavor that satisfies your palate and nourishes your lungs.* 

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.6875 × 3.125 in


Respiratory Balance Tips: The power of deep breathing is always with you. These simple breathing exercises can enhance the fullness of your breath, calm your mind and calm your nervous system:*

  • Slowly and gently inhale deeply through the nose for 10 counts.
  • Hold the breath for 5 counts (you can work up to holding for 10 counts).
  • Try to “sip” a few more breaths in to fully expand your lungs.
  • Exhale slowly and gently through the nose for 10 counts.
  • At last count of exhale, gently “squeeze” the last bit of air out of your lungs.

For best results: Try this practice 3 times in a row, 1 to 2 times a day.

Deep Breathing Benefits: Reduces stress, increases oxygen flow, opens the sinuses, strengthens and protects the lungs, increases immunity, energy and mental clarity.*

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