Dandy Liver Detox ®

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Supports Healthy Liver Function*

Dandy Liver Detox Power™ is formulated to support optimal liver function and protection. Our liver is one of the largest cleansing organs in the body, so supporting & protecting it is essential to healthy metabolism and detoxification processes. Traditionally, Milk thistle seed and Dandelion root have been used to promote healthy liver function. Experience the flavor of the artful symmetry from this powerhouse detox lineup: Dandelion root, Milk Thistle seed, Lemongrass leaf, Lemon peel, Peppermint leaf, Ginger rhizome, Licorice root and Rosehips fruit.* Sip and be well!™

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Detox Tips: Detoxification is an innate process in the body supported by the self care practices of all humans throughout time. Daily, our brilliant body is naturally cleansing, detoxifying and adapting to normal amounts of stress from of our lifestyle, emotions and environment. A[round the globe and for thousands of years, the use of herbs, dietary changes, gentle fasting, sweating, and soaking in warm & cold baths provides small examples of self care practices regularly performed to support these natural cleansing and detoxification processes;]-This sentence is a little confusing to me. It is very long and uses too many words, I think many will get lost. Some individuals cleanse or “detox” at the change of the seasons, specifically in spring and/or fall. For some individuals, the increased consumption of a variety of herbal teas with increased strength to support the body and its natural detoxifying process enhances their period of detox. * If appropriate for you, use 1 (or more) tea bags per cup of tea and drink 2-3 cups of your favorite herbal and/or detox tea per day during your detox period.  Breathe slowly and inhale the fragrant aromas of these teas to promote a sense of inner calm and clarity.  Enjoy a variety of supportive formulas such as: Dandy Liver Detox™, Body Balance Detox™ and Hibiscus Cleanse. ™

Drinking enhanced liver detoxification teas during a detox cleanse is not appropriate for children under 12, during pregnancy or lactation, or for sensitive individuals.  Consult a primary care practitioner prior to any detox or cleansing practices.  Do not use stimulant laxatives containing herbs such as Senna or Aloe for extended periods of time, as stimulant laxatives are meant for occasional use only and are not for daily and or regular long term use.